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We are very pleased to inform you that by the Grace of God, a long cherished vision of KTMCC has been materialized. We have registered KTMCC as a TRUST in India on 14th August 2013 and set up the KTMCC Trust Office at Pathanamthitta.

As we are all excited to work for the Lord in our own home country India, through this Trust, we would like you to continue praying for KTMCC and share your thoughts and suggestions to incorporate into the future plans of the KTMCC Trust.

Following are some of the suggestions that came up in the recent Trustees meeting:

· Auditorium for KTMCC: This will serve as meeting place in India for the KTMCC’s former and present members as and when they wish to meet (at least once in every year). In the long run, it could also facilitate for the needs of KTMCC’s constituent Churches as well as other deserving communities and could indirectly generate income to support KTMCC’s ongoing Mission and Charity activities.

· Home for the Aged: KTMCC’s mission to serve the elderly and senile, particularly as they are being increasingly ignored, is of vital importance in this modern era.

· Ambulance Service: Accidents are ever-increasing and ambulance service is still in short supply. The KTMCC hopes to play a small but important role in the ‘rapid emergency response’ service.

· Hospital Services: The mandate to provide affordable medical services to those in need is an undertaking that will not end in the near future. As many of our fellow beings are in dire need of medical help, KTMCC desires to provide that care with the compassion of Jesus Christ.

· Landholding: KTMCC as a Trust requires landed property to the extent of one Acre with public access road for its future development purposes. KTMCC requests your prayers on this subject and invites positive information on the availability of suitable land, preferably somewhere in Central Travancore. KTMCC appeals our members and well-wishers to make a generous donation or endowment of land as well.

We take this opportunity to request you to contribute your ideas and valuable suggestions by e-mail to: trust@ktmcc.com



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